Catalina has a senior management team of financial, actuarial, legal and claims experts who work closely with the best external professionals in the market. Catalina combines financial strength and focused internal resources. This provides the best platform for the operating business and for assessing and making investments.

Chris Fagan
Chief Executive

T: +1 441 494 6355
E: Chris Fagan

Dean Dwonczyk
Group Director of Liabilities and Risk Management

T: +1 441 494 6368
E: Dean Dwonczyk

Peter Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

T: +1 441 494 6333
E: Peter Johnson

Chris Fleming
Chief Financial Officer

T: +1 441 494 6363
E: Chris Fleming

Keith Lyon
General Counsel

T: +1 441 494 6335
E: Keith Lyon

Peter Harnik
Chief Investment Officer

T: +1 808 222 5960
E: Peter Harnik

Mayur Patel
Head of M&A

T: +44 207 265 5059
E: Mayur Patel

Charles Kasmer
Group Chief Actuary

T: +1 441 494 6367
E: Charles Kasmer

Campbell McBeath
Group Treasurer

T: +1 441 494 6382
E: Campbell McBeath

Thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling your run-off, contact Mayur Patel, Head of M&A or Chris Fagan, Chief Executive.
T: +44 207 265 5059
E: Mayur Patel

T: +1 441 494 6355
E: Chris Fagan

Use Catalina to generate value
through run-off

Selling to Catalina allows businesses to refocus on core activities, unlock capital, reduce costs and have a clean exit from liabilities.

Catalina is:
  • focused on non-life run off
  • proven in the industry
  • well established
  • regulated internationally